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Tátrai Quartet – II – Haydn Quartets Op.76 n°4 – 6

Haydn Quartets Op. 76 n° 46

Tátrai Quartet: Vilmos Tátrai, Mihály Szűcs, violin I & II; György Konrád, viola; Ede Banda, cello

Enr/Rec: Budapest 1964 – Prod: Dóra Antal (n°4 & 5); János Mátyás (n°6)

Eng: László Csintalan (n°4 & 5) ; Endre Radányi (n°6)

Source: 33t/LP Qualiton LPX 1205-7

Voici le deuxième volet de l’Opus 76 de Joseph Haydn avec les Quatuors n°4 à 6 dans la version de référence du Tátrai Quartet. Bonne écoute!

Here is the second part of Joseph Haydn’s Opus 76 with the Quartets n°4 to 6 in the reference version of the Tátrai Quartet. Enjoy your listening!

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The Tátrai Quartet’s classic 1964 recording of Haydn’s Op. 76 set is surely one of the greatest chamber music recordings of all time. The group invests these magnificent works with textual transparency, lean sonority and rhythmic dexterity that fully bring out the multifaceted and unfailingly inventive and colourful character of Haydn’s music. The transfer from Qualiton LP is truly splendid and completely preserves the warmth and suppleness of the Tátrai’s string tone while maintaining the clarity of their texture. Utterly enjoyable music making in the medium where it is best heard. Thank you so much again, C&A : )

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