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Walter – IV – Mahler Symphonie n°9 WPO

Musikvereinsaal – 16 Januar (Jänner) 1938

Source: 33t. Angel Japan « The Art of Bruno Walter with WPO »

Cette interprétation mahlérienne à la fois intense et sobre, captée en public, est un document inestimable.

En janvier et février 1938, avant de partir comme chaque année à pareille époque depuis 1933 pour une série de concerts du 3 au 19 mars 1938 avec le Concertgebouworkest d’ Amsterdam, Bruno Walter a dirigé à Vienne des concerts au Musikverein et des représentations au Staatsoper, ainsi qu’un ultime concert à Budapest, selon le calendrier suivant:

6 Janvier Staatsoper: Bizet Carmen

8 Janvier Staatsoper: Verdi Don Carlos

15 & 16 Janvier Musikvereinsaal: Mozart Symphonie n°41 – Mahler Symphonie n°9

17 Février Staatsoper: Weber Oberon

19 & 20 Février Musikvereinsaal: Mendelssohn Sommernachtstraum Ouv. – Wellesz Prosperos Beschwörungen Op.53 – Bruckner Symphonie n°4 (3 ème Version 1888)

21 Février Budapest Theatre Erkel: Mozart Symphonie n°35 – Strauss Don Juan – Bruckner Symphonie n°4 (3 ème Version 1888)

26 Février Staatsoper: Smetana Dalibor (Nouvelle production de Lothar Wallerstein Première)

Cette représentation de Dalibor de Smetana sera la dernière prestation de Bruno Walter à Vienne avant l’Anschluss et son exil forcé.

This intense and yet classical live recorded Mahler performance is an invaluable document.

In January and February, before leaving for Amsterdam like he did each year at the same period since 1933  for a series of concerts from 3 to 19 March 1938 with the Concertgebouworkest, Bruno Walter conducted in Vienna concerts at the Musikverein and at the Staatsoper, as well as a valedictory concert in Budapest, according to the following schedule:

January 6 Staatsoper: Bizet Carmen

January 8 Staatsoper: Verdi Don Carlos

January 15 & 16 Musikvereinsaal: Mozart Symphony n°41 – Mahler Symphony n°9

February17 Staatsoper: Weber Oberon

February 19 & 20 Musikvereinsaal: Mendelssohn Sommernachtstraum Ouv. – Wellesz Prosperos Beschwörungen Op.53 – Bruckner Symphony n°4 (3rd Version 1888)

February 21 Budapest Theatre Erkel: Mozart Symphony n°35 – Strauss Don Juan – Bruckner Symphony n°4 (3rd Version 1888)

February 26 Staatsoper: Smetana Dalibor (New production by Lothar Wallerstein Première)

This  performance of  Smetana’s Dalibor was to be Bruno Walter’s last performance in Vienna before the Anschluss and his forced exile.

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Thank You. … In the zip-file the symphony is marked « No. 1 » despite it is really No. 9. Could be confusing for someone 🙂

Thanks for your remark. It is of course the « Ninth »!
I re-up all the files because the mistake is also in the metadata.

It’s OK now. The files with the amended names and metadata have been uploaded and are available for download. Good listening!

At the time when these Japanese LPs were issued, the transfers at the Abbey Road studios were mostly supervised by Anthony Griffith, who was around 1950 the balance engineer for recordings by Lipatti, Schnabel and Furtwängler.

With transfers from vinyl pressings of the original metal parts, and very little treatment such as filtering, the bandpass of this 1938 live recording extends to about 10 KHz, which explains the high quality of the sound and, most important, its musicality. We can also hear the difference of reverberation in the Musikvereinsaal when it is empty (Mozart Symphony n°41 also from January 1938), and with the public as in this Mahler’s Ninth.

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